Serious Mental Illness (SMI)

What is Serious Mental Illness (SMI) Health Check?

Serious mental illness health checks are an annual physical assessment for anyone 18+ and has been classified as having serious mental illness on the GP Mental Health register. The aim of conducting SMI checks is to reduce the mortality rate for patients with serious mental health illness and make sure they have access to any support they may need.

What are the Stages involved in SMI Health Check?

Stage 1 Physical Health Checks: Physical Health Support Workers (PHSWs) are responsible for completing the first stage of physical health assessments for SMI individuals.
Results of Health Checks: PHSW are responsible for ensuring primary care receive the results BUT GPs respond to abnormal results.

Stage 2 Interventions: PHSW will refer for interventions where appropriate as per clinical criteria. The clinical responsibility then lies with the provider of the intervention.

Stage 3 Follow-up & Care Planning: The clinical responsibility for follow-up/care planning remains with the provider of the interventions or pathways. The Physical Health Support Workers will remain in contact providing ongoing motivational support and liaise with appropriate providers as necessary.

What does a Physical Health Support worker do?

Physical Health Support worker carry out Stage 1 of the SMI Health Check. This will include:

  1. a measurement of weight (BMI or BMI + Waist circumference) 
  2. a blood pressure and/or pulse check (diastolic and systolic blood pressure recording pulse rate) 
  1. a blood lipid including cholesterol test (cholesterol measurement) 
  2. a blood glucose test (blood glucose or HbA1c measurement) 
  3. an assessment of alcohol consumption 
  4. an assessment of smoking status

The Physical Health Support worker will use their motivational interviewing and behavioural change skills to encourage and support individuals with lifestyle advice, guidance, brief interventions for weight management, smoking and alcohol.

If additional physical Health Checks need to be carried out the Physical Health Support Worker will:

  1. an assessment of diet & nutrition 
  2. an assessment of physical activity 
  3. an assessment of illicit substance misuse and non-prescribed drugs

As required The Physical Health Support worker will sign post the patient to Cancer screenings, flu & covid vaccinations and other health promotion initiatives such as oral and sexual health.

Personalised Care Plans will be created by your Physical Health Support worker who will work with Mental Health and primary care colleagues. This is to ensure access to interventions and care pathways are easily accessible and each pathway is individualised for the specific needs of the patient.