Online Services

To register for online services

Complete this form first- WMC Online Form

If you would like basic access to another patients record, complete this form- Proxy Form Online

For historical detailed record access to your own record, complete this form- DCRA Leaflet and From 

For historical full record to yours or another patient record, complete this form- Full Clinical and DSAR Form

If you have online access but do not wish to see your records online (you may have safeguarding concerns or are worried about someone accessing this coercively) please speak to a member of staff, complete the opt out form at reception or email us
If your circumstances change in the future, just contact us and we can manually enable you to view your prospective medical records online.

To access SystmOnline

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Download the App- SystmOnline – Apps on Google Play or SystmOnline on the App Store (

To access Airmid

Download the App Airmid UK – Apps on Google Play or Airmid UK on the App Store (

To access NHS App

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Digital – Our Dorset

Dorset Digital develop and embed digital healthcare tools and technologies to support Dorset residents, NHS staff and frontline teams.

Dorset Digital mission is to empower self-care and enable the people of Dorset to confidently manage their health, mental health, wellbeing and long-term conditions.