Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Group

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) is composed of volunteer patients who meet regularly in person but also virtually as well and work with the managers and clinicians at Westbourne Medical Centre (WMC).

Our basic aim is to support and promote the best possible healthcare for all patients at the practice by:

  • acting as a ‘voice’ for the patients, to convey their wishes and concerns to practice staff
  • improving communications between the practice and its patients, including the use of online services
  • contributing to, and keeping informed about, practice decisions
  • encouraging and supporting preventative medicine and healthy lifestyle choices for patients
  • supporting the practice in its strategic development within the overall framework of healthcare in Dorset, working with other PPGs as appropriate.

We welcome all patients of WMC who wish to participate in the PPG. Please contact the surgery by phone (01202 752550) or email ( for more information.

We also have a Facebook group which any of our patients are welcome to join, please search “WMC PPG” on Facebook