Dr Morgan Retiring

24 April 2023

Following more than 21yrs as a Partner at Westbourne Medical Centre, Dr Morgan will be retiring at the end of April. This has been in the planning for some time to ensure the practice remains in good hands and continues to successfully deliver high quality healthcare for many more years. His wise words, sense of humour and compassionate approach towards both patients and colleagues is immeasurable and will be missed by all but, regrettably, there comes a time when the appeal of not setting the morning alarm clock and thinking about what to wear for work the next day becomes too much, leaving the prospect of literally sailing into the sunset being to intense to resist.

Despite being a very efficient and busy GP, Dr Morgan was instrumental in establishing Poole Bay & Bournemouth Primary Care Network and has remained an ardent supporter throughout. Those early days as Clinical Director helped shape how PCNs are operating today. Prior to PCNs, Dr Morgan was also a Locality Lead, working with GP colleagues from other local practices, and earned a respect that many still envy. This demonstrates just how passionate Dr Morgan is about ensuring general practice remains in good hands as we navigate the enormous challenges that we are currently facing and the appointment of Dr Foster and Dr Smith as Partners goes towards ensuring that Westbourne Medical Centre is well placed to confront these challenges.